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Brand Local Communications' strategic marketing and public relations campaigns put your business into the public eye.

Our mission is to connect your brand with customers at key touchpoints before, during, and after the sale. Let us create a brand experience for your business.

At Brand Local Communications we know what it takes to create a demand for your products. Our best work is done when we work closely with our clients. We value your input and want to be an extension of your team, so we can drive results together. We love what we do and who we do it with.

Who We Are

Savannah and Jessica

Marketing and public relations is our true passion and we are excited to be able to do what we love for our clients. Brand Local Communications was founded on the belief that marketing and public relations should be fun and engaging while still telling your story. We will bring your brand to life and create a relationship with your current and future customers. Marketing doesn’t end when the sale begins, it’s an ongoing part of the entire experience.

We have a strong background in agriculture and construction marketing, but we enjoy marketing all types of companies, brands, and products. We believe that marketing and public relations lie at the very heart of every great business.

What We Do


Advertising your brand in ways that are interactive for your customers will create a brand loyalty that will keep them coming back for more.

Brand Management

The way your business is perceived can drive sales or it can be nonexistent. Your brand should drive customers directly to your business.

Public Relations

To keep your positive image with your customers, you should continually promote yourself, upcoming events, key customers and employees.

Content Marketing

Building content around your brand is an easy way to create top-of-mind awareness and build lasting relationships.

Digital Marketing

Email and Social Media marketing have become two important tools to connect with existing and new customers.


Customer appreciation is key when it comes to brand loyalty. Promotional items are a vital part of successful marketing.

Contact Us

Whether your business is just getting started or it’s established and looking for a change, Brand Local Communications can help your small business with all things marketing and public relations. Call or email us today to see what we can do for you!

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